Valve & Actuator

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RVAFC/...Actuators for internally threaded 2- and 3-way valves

RVAB4/RVAB5/...Ball valve actuator for BV2/BV3 valves

RVASN08...Rotating valve actuator for PCMTV32-50 valves

OM/¡­Quarter turn valve actuators for butterfly valves, 90¡­400 Nm

GR230¡­/GR24¡­Quarter turn valve actuators for butterfly valves, 40 Nm

SR230¡­/SR24¡­Quarter turn valve actuators for butterfly valves, 20 Nm

RVAR-24/...Valve actuator, 500 N, 24 V supply voltage

RVAPC/...Electromechanical actuators 120 N, for PCTV, PCTVM and PCTVS valves

RVAN...-230 -Valve actuators, 500-2500 N, 230 V supply voltage

RVAN...-24A -Valve actuators, 500-2500 N, 24 V supply voltage

RVAZ4/...Valve actuator for 0...10 V or 3-position control

RTAN/...Thermal actuators 100/140 N, 2.5 mm stroke

RTA(O)M...Thermal actuators 125 N, 6.5 mm stroke

RTA(O)M...Thermal actuators 100 N, 4 mm stroke

PCTV/...Pressure independent control valves, DN15-32, 2.7/6 mm stroke

BW2/...2-way wafer type butterfly valves, DN40-200, kvs 110-3120

GTVS/GTRS...2- and 3-way control valves, DN65-150, kvs 63-310

NTVS...2-way control valves, DN15-150, kvs 0.4-310, DIN-standard

GF2/GF3...2- and 3-way control valves, DN25-200, kvs 6.3-550, DIN-standard

BF2/BF3...2- and 3-way control valves, DN15-50, kvs 0.63-40, 20 mm stroke

BTV...2-way control valves, DN15-50, kvs 0.6-39, 20 mm stroke

ZTVB/ZTRB...2- and 3-way control valves, DN25-40, kvs 8-20, 5.5 mm stroke

ETRS...3-way control valves DN15-50, kvs 0.63-40, 20 mm stroke, DZR

ETVS...2-way control valves, DN15-50, kvs 0.25-40, 20 mm stroke, DZR

1 - 24 of 61

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