What is Dancing Water Fountains?
A musical fountain, also known as a fairy fountain, prismatic fountain or dancing fountain, is a type of choreographed fountain that creates aesthetic designs as a form of entertainment.
These are the dancing water fountains that combine water, light and music. They are very attractive as the water dancing to the rhythm of the music and the use of the lights make this show quite unique.

How it works?
Beginning in ancient times, fountain designers relied on gravity, channeling water from a higher source in a closed system to provide pressure. The aqueducts of ancient Rome carried water down from the mountains to elevated cisterns to be distributed through pipes for both drinking and ornamental purposes.
Water pumps are used to create the water flow, and speakers are used to play the music. The water pumps are controlled by a computer, which is programmed to match the music. The computer is also responsible for controlling the different jets of water, which create the different effects.
Wall fountains work by combining a water pump and a water reservoir. The pump circulates water from the reservoir to the fountainhead, releasing it and cascading it down the wall. The water then flows back into the reservoir, allowing the cycle to start again.

What are the benefits of water dancing?
It's an all-over, full-body workout routine that ultimately benefits strength, balance, muscles, heart health, hip mobility, thoracic mobility and more. In addition, Aqua Dance makes for a healthy community where class members get to socialize and laugh while they exercise.

Indoors fountains give you benefits such as:
  • Improve Your Sleep. Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of running water. ...
  • Relieves Stress. Not only can the calming sounds of a fountain help you sleep, they can also help your de-stress. ...
  • Restores Moisture. ...
  • Purify your air.

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