CH-PC Series Programmable Controllers

CH-PC Series Programmable Controllers

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The CH-PC Series Programmable Controller family comprises a group of versatile field controllers, including the CH-PCA Advanced Application Programmable
Controller, and accessories designed to monitor, control, and integrate a wide variety of HVAC and other building equipment. Modular add-on accessories, such as the CH-PCX Expansion Input/Output (I/O) Modules and NS Series Network Sensors, extend the capabilities of the CH-PC controllers by providing additional I/O interfaces. The CH-PCA and CH-PCX feature an advanced design that provides optimum performance and easy access to power, network, and field terminations.
A wide variety of network sensor models provides options for measuring and displaying zone temperature, duct temperature, zone humidity, carbon dioxide level, setpoint adjustments, fan speed control, and discharge air temperatures.

Features and Benefits
• Standard BACnet® Protocol — Provides interoperability with Johnson Controls® and third-party BAS products that use the widely accepted BACnet® standard.
• Standard Hardware and Software Platform — Uses a common hardware design throughout the family line to support standardized wiring practices and           installation workflows. Also uses a common software design to support
 use of a single tool for control applications, commissioning, and troubleshooting to minimize technical training.
• Auto-Tuned Control Loops — Reduce commissioning time, eliminate change-of-season re-commissioning, and reduce wear and tear on mechanical devices.
• Universal Inputs — Allow multiple signal options per channel to provide input flexibility.
• Complete Product Family with Modular Components — Meets any HVAC equipment or building system control requirement using only the needed components.
• BACNet Testing LaboratoriesTM (BTL) Listing — Ensures interoperability with other BTL-listed devices. BTL is a third-party agency that ensures BAS vendor     products meet the BACnet industry-standard protocol.

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