Input/Output Module (IOM) Series Controllers

Input/Output Module (IOM) Series Controllers

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IOMs can serve in one of two capacities, depending on where they are installed in the Metasys system. When installed on the Sensor/Actuator (SA) Bus of an Field Equipment Controller (FEC), Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FAC), or VMA controller, the IOMs expand the point count of these controllers. When installed on the Field Controller (FC) Bus, IOMs can be used as I/O point multiplexors to support monitoring and control from an Network Automation Engine (NAE) or Network Control Engine (NCE). The point multiplexor can also be useful for sharing points between other field controllers on the FC Bus using peer-to-peer connectivity.

• Standard BACnet® Protocol - Provides interoperability with other Building Automation System (BAS) products that use the widely accepted BACnet standard.
• Standard Hardware and Software Platform - Uses a common hardware design throughout the family line to support standardized wiring practices and installation workflows. Also uses a common software design to support use of a single tool for control applications, commissioning, and troubleshooting to minimize technical training.
• Bluetooth® Wireless Commissioning Interface - Provides an easy-to-use connection to the configuration and commissioning tool.
• Auto Tuned Control Loops - Reduce commissioning time, eliminate change-of-season re-commissioning, and reduce wear and tear on mechanical devices.
• Universal Inputs, Configurable Outputs, and Point Expansion Modules - Allow multiple signal options to provide input/output flexibility.
• Optional Local User Interface Display - Allows convenient monitoring and adjusting capabilities at the local device.
• BACnet Testing Laboratories™ (BTL) Listing - Ensures interoperability with other BTL-listed devices. BTL is a third-party agency which validates that BAS vendor products meet the BACnet industry-standard protocol.
• 32-bit microprocessor ensures optimum performance and meets industry specifications.
• BACnet Automatic Discovery support enables easy controller integration into Metasys BAS.
• Integral end-of-line (EOL) switch enables field controller as a terminating device on the communications bus.
• Pluggable communications bus and supply power terminal blocks expedite installation and troubleshooting.
• Wireless capabilities via a ZFR1800 Series Wireless Field Bus System enable wireless mesh connectivity to supervisory controllers, facilitating easy initial location and relocation.
• Ability to reside on the FC Bus or SA Bus provides application flexibility.

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