Field Equipment Controller (FEC) Series


Field Equipment Controller (FEC) Series

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The Field Equipment Controller (FEC) Series products are programmable BACnet® Application Specific Controllers (B-ASCs) with integral Master-Slave/Token Passing (MS/TP) communications. FEC models include the 10-point FEC16 Series and the 17-point FEC26 Series. FEC controllers integrate into the Web-based Metasys® system. FECs feature 32-bit microprocessor architecture, patented continuous tuning adaptive control, peer to peer communications, and are available with an optional built-in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and six-button local User Interface (UI). A full range of FEC models combined with the Input/Output Module (IOM) models can be applied to a wide variety of building applications ranging from simple fan coil or heat pump control to advanced central plant management. All FEC series controllers support wireless communications using the ZigBee ZFR1800 Series Wireless Field Bus System series accessories.

• BACnet® MS/TP communication protocol provides open system compatibility.
• A 32-bit microprocessor ensures optimum performance and meets industry specifications.
• Universal and Configuration inputs and outputs support multiple signal options and increase controller application flexibility.
• BACnet Automatic Discovery support enables easy controller integration into Metasys Building Automation System (BAS).
• Integral End-of-Line (EOL) switch to enable field controller as a terminating device on the communications bus.
• Pluggable communications bus and supply power terminal blocks expedite installation and troubleshooting.
• Wireless capabilities via ZFR1800 Series Wireless Field Bus System enable wireless mesh connectivity between FECs to WRZ Series Wireless Room Temperature Sensors, and to NAE/NCE devices facilitate easy initial location and relocation.
• Patented proportional adaptive control (P-Adaptive) and Pattern Recognition Adaptive Control (PRAC) technologies provide continuous loop tuning.
• Writable flash memory allows standard or customized applications to be downloaded from the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) and enables persistent application data.
• Large product family provides a wide range of point mix to meet application requirements and allows for the addition of one or more Input/Output Module (IOM)s and/or Network Sensors to provide even more application capacity.
• Local UI display (integral display or stand-alone display provides enhanced local monitoring.
• User-friendly graphic theme and clear push-button identification facilitate easy navigation of the integral or optional UI/display.

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