T5000 LCD Digital Fan Coil Thermostat


T5000 LCD Digital Fan Coil Thermostat

Category: Thermostat

T 000 LCD Digital Fan Coil Thermostats are designed to control heating, cooling, or year round air conditioning unit in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Installation. Typical Application includes the control of fan coil units, packaged terminal air conditioners and combination heating and cooling equipment. As part of the system that consists of a two-way or three-way valve and a multi-speed line voltage fan. These aesthetic design thermostat features with Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); an attractive white color in a compact size complements any decor. The thermostat does not require any battery backup as setpoint and other parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory. The intuitive operation makes the thermostat very user-friendly.T 000 are line voltage LCD display fan coil thermostat with -basic models that cover all type of FCU standalone applications. There are model for cooling only, heating only and heating-cooling fan coil system integrate with -Wire or -Wire Valve Control. On-board high accuracy NTC sensor allows precision comfort control over occupied space area. 88 x 88mm size allows for 7 x 7 x 35mm standard wall box installation.

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