VG4000 Electric Zone Valves


VG4000 Electric Zone Valves

Category: Valve & Actuator

VG4000 Series High-Capacity/High-Closeoff Electric Zone Valves are designed to regulate the flow of water in response to the demand of a controller in zone and Variable Air Volume (VAV) reheats coil applications. The high-capacity/highcloseoff capability of the VG4400xx-C and VG4800xx-C also makes this family of valves an ideal choice for fan coil and baseboard radiation applications. Normally Closed (N.C.) VG4000 series valve is designed for use with VA-7010 Series on/off control actuators and VA-7450 Series floating or proportional control actuators. These electric actuators can be order separately for field installation. Refer to the VA-7010 Series Electric On/Off Actuator Product/Technical Bulletin or the VA-7450 Electronic Valve Actuator Product/Technical Bulletin for specific information regarding either actuator series.

Features and Benefits
  • Forged Brass Body and Stainless Steel Stem and Spring
  • Ensures long life
  • Ideal for Zone, VAV Reheat Coil, Fan Coil, and Baseboard Radiation Applications
  • Offers a broad range of applications
  • EPT Rubber Plug for Bubble-Tight Shutoff
  • Maximizes energy savings
  • Easy, Field-Replaceable Packing
  • Shortens repairing time
  • Actuator can be Field Installed After Piping
  • Simplifies installation in confined locations
  • Built-In Return Spring for VA-7010 Series Electric Actuators
  • Allows the valve to return to normal position when the actuator is de-energized

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