Optigo OP10 is a new pre-programmed, configurable controller. It has been designed with the main intention of replacing a number of Regin’s Aqualine controllers.

Optigo Regin´s newest controller series intended to control temperature, CO2, pressure, humidity in HVAC and heating applications. A simple stand-alone controller for smaller applications. The optigo is extremely easy to install, set-up and control and is mainly intended for smaller applications. Optigo has a knob with an encoder which makes the menu system very easy to use. You can read and set values shown in the back-lit display. A value is approved by pressing the knob.

The Optigo series comprises two different types, OP5 and OP10. OP5 has 5 in-/outputs and OP10 has 10 in-/outputs. OP10 is available in two versions:
• OP10 with 24 V AC supply voltage
• OP10-230 with 230 V AC supply voltage.

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