SC2/D Signal converter, two stages on-off


SC2/D Signal converter, two stages on-off

SC2/D is a two stage signal converter which converts a 0-10V signal into two closing relay outputs and can be set for heating or cooling. SC2/D comes in a standard casing for DIN-rail mounting and has all settings accessible on the front.

Control modes
Switches 1-3 are used to set the relay sequence to fit the application. SC2/D can be adjusted for the following applications:
- One stage cooling and one stage heating
- Two stages cooling
- Two stages heating
- Three stages cooling, binary
- Three stages heating, binar

The setpoint is determined by means of the setpoint knob on the front. The scale is from 0 to 10V and the value determines at which input signal the first
stage is to be cut out. The stage activates when the input signal exceeds the set-point by the value shown on the switch marked DIFF, (the hysteresis).

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