TM2-24/D Two stage electronic thermostat


TM2-24/D Two stage electronic thermostat

TM2-24/D is an electronic thermostat to be used in conjunction with Regin temperature sensors. The thermostat has closing relay contacts and can be set for heating or cooling. TM2-24D is supplied in standard casing for DIN-rail mounting with all settings accessible on the front.

Control modes
The following functions can be set by means of switches 1 to 3:
- One stage cooling and one stage heating
- Two stage cooling
- Two stage heating
- Three stage cooling binary
- Three stage heating binary

The setpoint is set by means of the setpoint knob on the front or by means of the external setting device. TM2-24/D has a standard scale of 0...30°C. Other scales adapted for other sensor ranges are available. When an external setting device, e.g. TG-R430 or TBI-30, is used the built-in setpoint setting should
be disconnected by setting switch no 4 to the A position.

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