DTL150 1650 Differential pressure transmitter for air


DTL150 1650 Differential pressure transmitter for air

The transmitter consists of a plastic sensor housing and a membrane of silicone LSR. The differential pressure affects the membrane which is connected to the sensor element. The element is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and has a ceramic beam onto which thick-film resistors have been applied. The pressure on the membrane causes a movement which is transferred to the ceramic beam. A change in pressure will lead to a change in resistance. The changes in resistance are transmitted by means of built-in electronics to an analogue output signal. The measuring element gives a rapid response and a high level of accuracy. The properties of the ceramic element ensure that the transmitter has excellent long-term stability.

Setting the working range
The transmitter has three different working ranges depending on the model (see model overview on the overleaf). The working ranges are set via two dipswitches in the lower left corner of the circuit board according to the table below. The supply voltage must be disconnected. You can also change the zero point of the pressure measurement by pressing the button above the dipswitches.

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