RVAFC Actuators for the ZFCM valves


RVAFC Actuators for the ZFCM valves

Intended for on/off control of hot or cold water in heating or cooling systems. The actuator has a synchronous motor and spring return mechanism. It is intended for use together with Regin’s ZFCM valves. The RVAFC series of actuators is designed for temperature control in heating and cooling systems. The actuators are intended for use with Regin’s ZFCM valves and are available in two versions: RVAFC-2302 for 2-way valves and RVAFC-2303 for 3-way valves. Valves and
actuators are ordered separately.

A device for manually opening the valve is present on the side of the actuator. The actuator has a plastic casing.

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