RDAB15S-230 Damper actuator, 15 Nm


RDAB15S-230 Damper actuator, 15 Nm

The spring return motors RDAB15S-230 and RDAB15S-230S are used to control dampers to open or closed position in the event of power failure.

Simple installation
The damper actuator is easily mounted on the damper spindle with the universal spindle clamp. The actuator is supplied with an anti-rotation strap that prevents it from rotating. Release of the locking mechanism can be achieved manually or automatically by applying the supply voltage. The damper actuators are supplied with 1 m cable.

• Torque 15 Nm
• For dampers up to approximately 3 m²
• Power supply 230 V AC
• On/off control signal
• Built-in auxiliary switch RDAB15S-230S

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