Uni I/O Wide Modules


Uni I/O Wide Modules

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Uni-I/O™ Wide is a family of Input/Output modules that are compatible with the UniStream™ control platform. Wide Modules are 1.5 times as wide as Uni-I/O™ modules, and comprise more I/O points in less space. This guide provides basic installation information for UID-W1616R and UID-W1616T Uni-I/O™ modules. Technical specifications may be downloaded from the Unitronics website. The UniStream™ platform comprises CPU controllers, HMI panels, and local I/O modules that snap together to form an all-in-one Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Install Uni-I/O™ modules:
  • Onto the back of any UniStream™ HMI Panel comprising a CPU-for-Panel.
  • Onto a DIN-rail, using a Local Expansion Kit.
The maximum number of Uni-I/O™ Wide modules that can be connected to a single CPU controller is limited. For details, please refer to the specification sheets of the UniStream™ CPU or any of the relevant Local Expansion Kits.

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