Series V46 Pressure Actuated Modulating Valves


Series V46 Pressure Actuated Modulating Valves

Category: Valve & Actuator

These pressure actuated modulating valves control the quantity of water to a condenser by directly sensing pressure changes in a refrigerant circuit. The valves can be used in non-corrosive refrigerant systems. Ammonia power elements and valves designed for saltwater applications are available. The valves have a quick opening characteristic and open on pressure increase (direct acting). Reverse acting (close on pressure increase) is possible.

Feature and Benefits
  •  Pressure balanced valve design - Setpoint is independent from water inlet pressure
  •  High refrigerant pressure resistant bellows - Refrigeration pressure may increase up to 28 bar without bellow damage
  •  Pressure actuated - Direct and fast response to pressure variations
  •  3/8, 1/2, 3/4'' are angled body type valves with high Kv value - Small dimensions with high flow capacity
  •  3/8'' up to 2'' pressure valves ''all range'' types - Reduces stock. One valve for all non-corrosive refrigerants
  •  Quick opening valve characteristics - Fast response to pressure increase
  •  No close fitting or sliding parts in water passages - No hysteresis increase or stuck valve caused by contamination
  •  Easy to disassemble. All parts can be replaced - Valve can easily be repaired ''in line''. Valve piece parts are available ''world-wide''
  •  Special bronze bodies and monel parts - Used for sea water applications
  •  Power elements with stainless steel bellows available - For use on ammonia filled equipment
  •  Wide range of pressure connection styles - Possibility to meet the legislation in your country
  •  Nickel plated seats available for 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4'' valves - High resistant against erosion/ corrosion and cavitation
  •  Direct/reverse action - Control action can be (factory) changed

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