Optigo OP5U is a pre-programmed, configurable controller for air handling or pressure control applications. It has been designed with the main intent of replacing a number of Regin’s Aqualine controllers. Starting July 2010, it is possible to connect an external setpoint device. This applies to OP5U models with revision number R18.

Optigo is a series of controllers intended for control of temperature, CO2, pressure, air handling, and heating applications. A stand-alone controller for smaller
applications, the controller is very easy to install, set-up and control. Optigo uses a display with an encoder knob, making its built-in menu system very easy to use. Settings are entered by turning the encoder knob to a desired parameter/value. A value is then approved by pressing the knob.

The Optigo series comprises two different models, the OP5U and the OP10 SPI. OP5U has 6 in-/outputs and OP10 has 11 in-/outputs. OP5U is intended for 24 V AC supply voltage. OP10 is available in versions for both 24 V AC and 230 V AC.

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